First the Etruscans, who built their own tombs. Then the Romans, who erected the Coliseum. Then the people of the Middle Ages, who adorned their churches. Then came the River Fountain of Piazza Navona, and the Spanish Steps from Trinità dei Monti. Finally came the Seagram Building in New York, and the sculptures by Henry Moore. Truly, in each era, wherever these was Culture and Civilization, there was Travertine. Each Culture, to exist as such, must operate within its broad horizons. It must adopt long term strategies. It must cater not only to its children, but also to the children’s children. It is in a farsighted logic that you will uncover the reason to choose Travertine. the reason of those who live, work and build for themselves but also for their own children.
The reason of Culture.
The culture of the Travertine.